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Siciliano’s Pizzaria: A Great Ravenna Pizza

Siciliano’s Pizzaria is a family owned and operated pizzeria in Ravenna. Tom had the idea of opening a pizza shop shortly after graduating from high school. With the help of many family members and friends, he set out to accomplish his goal. Many nights were spent in the Siciliano’s kitchen developing the perfect pizza recipes that you know and love today. All of our recipes are from our own family and we couldn’t have made it without the hard work from everyone that helped us get our start and the loyal customers that have been coming back for years.

A Family Tradition

At Siciliano’s Pizzaria, our recipes are very traditional and have been passed down through the generations. When you are here, you are family, the picture at the left is my Grandparents Agostino and Carmella Siciliano. We take pride in what we do and we think thats evident in every order that leaves our shop.

On June 6, 1983, Siciliano’s Pizzaria was opened in the rear of a rented building across from the current location. Tom and Cindy along with Tom’s mom Edna and Cindy’s mom Jane, were the 4 people that worked there the first day serving Ravenna pizza and other great Italian food. All 4 of these individuals continue to work at the family owned and operated pizzeria in Ravenna today. May 1, 1985 marked the opening in the former Second National Bank building where the shop is still located today. The building has been added on to 3 times in the past 25 years. Some of the current dedicated employees have even worked there for more than 15 years. Keeping the business in the family, both of Tom and Cindy’s boys work every week as well. This small business grew into a successful pizzeria and has continued to thrive for over 30 years since its opening day.

For a wonderful meal, come stop off at this great restaurant in Ravenna, Ohio. We would be proud to serve you any one of our delicious menu items. You can choose from chicken, stromboli, pizza and other types of incredibly tasty Italian food.